Shadowflare (like_a_knight) wrote in the_advicebitch,

To date, or not to date advice?

First post here, sorry for any stupidity.

So I made two new friends in an online game recently. The first was a girl much younger than me, but who I like hanging out with and see as something of a kid sister. The second is a guy about my age.

And naturally, I want to ask him out.

He couldn't make it any clearer he's interested in me, not online. He's constantly telling me "I love you" throughout the day(ahem, supposedly in a friend way, not a psycho way), saying he missed me even if we've only been apart 15 minutes, telling me how cute my avatar is, and saying I'm the "most likeable person" he's ever met. He even started telling me about a theoretical date he'd take me on, and it's not because I went off about bad dates or anything either.

So I think he'd probably like to go out with me, given that. It's not a big concern for me.

The problem is the one who's a "kid sister" to us. We're pretty sure SHE has a crush on the guy too. He told me outright he's not interested in her---I wouldn't expect him to be, we're about 20, and she's 13, which is a big difference at our age.

I really don't want to hurt my "kid sister's" feelings, but she's shown to be a jealous type, she got upset when he made friends with another, separate girl. I'm almost certain she'd be upset if I dated him. I've tried introducing her to other guy friends online that are closer to her age, but she still only shows interest in my crush.

So... do you think I should ask the guy out or not?
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