Chris (chrismsx) wrote in the_advicebitch,

How To Get Her back

So last night my girlfriend and I broke up. I was upset, trying to use logic to win her back but when that didn't work, I let a few hours go by and then I acted cool with it...telling her how i understood where she was cause I had been there with other Ex's(on the reverse end)...and I knew what she dumped me for wasn't who I am.....which threw her off...because I know she expected me to be devistated but in my experience this never works with women. They just register begging, crying and pleading as pathetic.

We've had small problems for a while now, mainly because we've both been increasingly very open about our jelousy. I wasn't orginally like this and thus I think the break will be good for us both to get to better places and control BUT I would like to still have a shot with her.

I want to maintain a freindship that will eventually lead us back to dating. Does anyone have any advice ?

She SAYS she wants space, time to figure out what she wants, and has not ruled out getting back together..(she normally rules this out with other guys)..I know this has come about because of my freaking out any time she hangs out with another guy alone.. (which this time around, it was her ex that had taken her virginity and vice I was with good reason peaved...)But I went overboard this time, leading to our doom.

(which i note, she does the same to me But I don't really get upset like she does being usually the more rational of us two)

I know had I not done this we'd still be together, I'd just have less of a reason to work on things and get back to my mellow.."have fun, I trust you" self from our first 3 months of dating...

can you give me advice .. Like what to do and not to do. I'm giving her the space, but I'm not giving it to her to the point that I avoid her, I'm being calm while still showing I still Love her, but i don't know what else I should do.
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