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Lying "friend".

I have this "friend" who is a compulsive liar and it's pissing me off! A couple years ago we planned on going to a concert together. The last minute she said she was sick and wasn't going. I saw her at the concert that night. I called her when I got home and asked how her night was and if she was feeling any better (just to see what she would say). She said she still wasn't feeling well and she slept all night. I called her out on her lie and she made all kinds of excuses that I don't remember. I forgave her and we moved on.

I moved to Washington from my home state of Idaho 4 months ago to be with the man I love. This "friend" again has lied to me and she doesn't know I know. She flew to Washington to visit her boyfriend. I picked her up from the airport. We went to lake Washington where she dropped her phone in the water and had to buy a new one. We made plans to hang out two days from then. I dropped her off with her boyfriend and went back home and to work the next day. So the day came when we made the plans to hangs out. I call and call, leave voice mails and text messages. No answer, no reply. I was mad. 3 weeks later she leaves me a voice mail to call her. I call and no answer so I wait for her to call back. She called yesterday with a voice mail. In the voice mail she proceeds to tell me she lost her new cell phone after buying the new one. She also said she has a cell phone but it doesn't work so I need to call her back on her home phone. I knew she was lying. I called my 14 year old sister and told her the story. I ask her to get mom's cell phone and call this friend of mine to see if she answers. She answers and my sister hangs up. My friend calls my mom's cell phone back to see who it was but my sister said she dialed the wrong number.

I hate liars! Her phone works just fine. Why would she need to lie to me? I have not called her back. I don't know what to do. I want to tell her to go to hell. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
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