intense__life (intense__life) wrote in the_advicebitch,

okay, well i have been best friends with this guy for almost 4 years now. we know everything about eachother, we've hung out alone, and we can basically read eachother's minds. he just recently went to college and that was really hard for me. but i think it was even harder just because i had feelings for him but i just never said them. i have this complex.. that whenever i like a guy and he returns his feelings for me... i close up and i get scared. but anyway..this weekend he came back from college and we went to a party together...i realized that he was acting a little different and later that night he was holding my hand and being very flirty..i didnt think anything of it because i just thought he was drunk, and in the beginning of the year he heard that i might have feelings for him and he told me.. we would always just be friends. but the next day after the party, he said im sorry if i made you feel weird last night and i was like oh you didnt. so he wanted to go to a movie with me that night.. so he picked me up and we saw a movie.. but he didnt make a move at all. so i thought oh it must have just been a drunk thing.. but later that night i asked him.. and he actually told me that he has had feelings for me for a while..but just didnt want to say anything because there was this one kid who liked me and totally creeped me out and he didnt want to be like that. so of course i told him i had feelings for him also.. it was just such a relief. but he told me we would talk about this later and i have talked to him today and he hasnt brought it up so idk what to think. i dont know if i should date him.. i mean he's in college and he's my best friend. it could be a recipe for disaster. but before he told me he had these feelings i wanted nothing more than to date him, but now that he did i feel like im closing myself up. and since i know him so well... with past girls he always finds something wrong with a girl and then makes it into a bigger deal and then dumps them. i dont want that to happen to me. what do you think? if he wants to start dating should i start dating him? im just so confused...but now three days have passed and the night he told me we had feelings for me... he said we would talk about it later because he had to go... well he hasn't brought it up..and i dont know why. do you think i should bring it up? ... i know this is my babbling.. i just dont know what to do. 
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