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Look at my Journal It Gets Better! Crazy People!

My Husbands EX

So I have a stalker. It’s weird! It all started when I started dating Joe right after he got out of this bad relationship. The odd thing was this girl left him to go mess around with a married man. Then I guess she decided she wanted him back. She would not leave us alone. We moved and changed everything from our phone numbers to our online accounts. She joined Fotofight right after I did. You can look up the dates yourself. She joined flicker right after I did. The dates don't lie. She joined girls can too right after I did and got banned for harassing me. She joined okcupid right after I did. I just changed my account. I put up my BZOINK account up on Myspace because I and my sister in law wanted to see how long it would take her to get one herself. She had one by that weekend. Go figure! I and my friends have pages of her looking up my MySpace and theirs stemming back from when I and Joe were married back in November. I changed my MySpace and made it private so maybe I could get some peace. We print that crap out to keep just in case. Then she has the right to wonder why I look at her accounts. She follows me! How could I not! I wouldn't worry but Joes says she is crazy in the literal since and was institutionalized until she was 18. I am 5 months pregnant and that is just too scary for me. I got a military protective order yesterday saying she can't come anywhere near me on base or where I work. I also called the police yesterday and filed a report. The police officer said since I was pregnant he was going to issue one for out in town so she can't come near me or where I live. I don't know where she lives and most the harassment now is online so I'm not sure I could even get a restraining order. You might think this is a little excessive and to harsh but honestly, I'm pregnant, frustrated, cranky, and tired. I am just done with all the drama and this situation. Whoever wants to see the dates themselves contact me and I will give you the accounts? I still have the letter from the administrators that informed me that they banned her from girls can too. I'm glad this crap is finally over!
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