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Where are you spending Christmas?

Poll #894719 Where are you spending Christmas?

Where are you spending Christmas?

With my parents
With my other half's parents
I'm with my parents, the other half is with his/her
All by myself

Who decided on this?

She did - women should always decide
I did
It was a joint decision
We take turns to decide

The latest argument is where to spend Christmas.

As we spent Christmas at her parents' place last year, I thought it was merely polite and "taking turns" for us to spend it at my parents' house.

Nope. According to her:

1. The woman should always decide where to spend Christmas.

2. My entire family are a bunch of bitches and she never really wants to speak to them. Unless of course they build bridges with her - which is news to me, since if anything she needs to build bridges. Oh, and she never wants to leave her children alone with my parents or relations.

3. How dare I even contemplate spending Christmas without her?

Needless to say, I am now at my parents house while she's still fuming at hers. Our presents to each other lie unopened, and probably smashed after a bout of present-throwing on her part.

Now she's suggesting that I drive back to "our" place (90 mins away) Christmas Day night so we can at least spend Christmas evening together. Which would annoy my family somewhat - espeically since we don't see each other very often and my Dad is probably cavorting with his mistress in Shanghai.

ever dealt with intra-family tensions?
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