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Boys Boys Boys

Ok. A bit of a long story, but here it goes. About three months ago I met this group of guys, through a friend. I was crusin’ round the village and me and my best friend (Becky) met them at the skate park when we were drinking. I ended up “dating” one named Frankie and she was seeing one named Bruno. One night we went hot tubing it was me, Becky, Frankie and DEREK. (I am going to capitalize his name because there are a lot of guys in this story but he is the one I want to focus on). Since me and Frankie were like kissing DEREK was trying to put moves on Becky, but she just kept trying to call Bruno. Once Bruno was done work he stopped by so DEREK left not wanting to be the 5th wheel.
Another night I went out with my friendishes Hayley and Rhiannon, we met up with the whole crew of guys (Frankie, Ryan, DEREK, Issac, Bruno, Dan, Mitch, and a few more). DEREK and my friendish Rhiannon made out. They looked so cute together. Frankie was in a really bad mood that night and just being a downer and I just wanted to have fun. Since, I did not no we were “exclusive” I made out with his friend Ryan the next day at a party. At this party DEREK made out with my friend Deborah.  Frankie got mad but we made up right before I left for a week and he said he would call but he never did. So I though we were done. (Ryan had moved while I was gone)
When I got back I hung out with Issac and I got really drunk and like made out and stuff one night, Frankie saw and got really mad (according to him he did call). I was seeing Issac for a while but then I got bored and I just don’t like to be tied down (when I say a while I mean like 3 weeks). We ended it. Then he tried to get with my best friend Becky.
Before school started, so like a month ago, Deborah and I, (the girl DEREK made out with at the party) went to the PNE. That day she had been texting DEREK. And that night when we got back home she went over to DEREK’S house and they had sex, a lot of it. (Keep in mind she didn’t even remember what he looked like I was the one that was like go for him he’s hot, so she’s a slut because she had sex with him but I can’t judge you will find out later in the story). Then two days after that she left for University.
She tells me that they still talk all the time, and they have even talked about him coming up to visit her.
I have texted DEREK a few times because I thought there was tension between us because I pissed all his friends off by kissing and “dating” a few of them. I thought he hated me and thought I was a slut. But I learned he didn’t.
Anyways sometimes he texts me and it like “what are you doing today/night” and I reply but the convo never really goes any farther than that.
The past weekend I wanted to hang out with him. So I was like hey want to hang out my crew it out of town. And he was like yes. So, on Saturday night after me and Becky went to the movie I called him up and was like hey come hang out. And him and his friends came and picked me up. At that point I was a little impaired (i have a huge tolerance so i was like tipsy) after drinking a bottle of “fireball - whiskey shooter” all to myself. I told him how cute I thought he was. Needless to say we started making out and he was just so nice and comfy and I started to feel huge feelings for him so I was like ok I will break my morals I really like this guy. Like really, really, really like him. (and I never like any guys, I keep myself guarded). So I had sex with him (a few times) and he was like stay the whole night I want to take you out for breakfast tomorrow but I didn’t stay and I got home at 7am.
Now here is my problem. I have never felt this way about a guy and it is not because I had sex with him that I feel strongly. Its just sex I don’t care. But I really like him he’s all I think about. I don’t know what to do. I think he’s just a whore and doesn’t actually like me. But I have HUGE feelings. I want more with him all I want to do is be around him. Should I try to talk to him? I’m defiantly not going to text him ‘til next weekend. It just sucks the one time I let my guard down it’s for a huge player. I don’t really know what I am asking but any advice or outsider’s perspective on my story would be great! xxoo
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