Chris (chrismsx) wrote in the_advicebitch,


I admit it. I'm a sucker for love. A pretty face and a nice butt. I am also a sucker for a goofy personality and a caring heart. I'm a bigger sucker for someone seeking God with a realistic point of view.

With all that said I'm prolly going to be single forever. It's hard to find someone out here thats exactly what you want physically and mentally and spiritually. The last one makes things even harder because the more I've dated I've found that Christians that stick to there guns are thinning out. Heck I almost messed up a few times. I need someone that can support me in that and it's looking bleak.

If I settle... I'll be swim'n in women. Because I have no problem, meeting or dating women..It's just the right ones. It seems If I try too hard (or at all) I scare the ones that actually fit what I want away. Whats a celibate (until marriage), 22 year old, single, friendly, dorky, slightly off beat (eccentric), male to do to find his female counter part ?
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